The Republic of Ezreich is a large kingdom lying in the southern part of the continent, ruled by the royal family of Adorafestung, which is said to be related to the royal family of Weißen. Its current ruler is Empress Maria Ludovica von Adorafestung, who is also the great aunt of Baselland's princes.

Ezreich has great influence on the surrounding countries, rivalling that of Weißen's. It is competing against Weißen for the position of the country that will establish an alliance with Baselland.

Its soldiers are based off eastern european uniforms which the country can be attributed to either Poland or Russia. During the awarding of a medal by the first Prince of Baselland to Bernd Baltzar after the revolt, the soldiers of the first Prince were armed by rifles similar to Weißen and is said to be imported from Ezreich suggesting that Ezreich is as modernly armed as Weißen.

At the moment, nothing much else is known about Ezreich, except for the fact that it is respected by other nations, and it also has a long history.