Helmut Markus von Babbel
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Helmut Markus von Babbel
Vital statistics
Position Officer Cadet
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Helmut Markus von Babbel is a 3rd year in Cavalry Division, Baselland Royal Military Academy. Though enrolled and treated as a boy, Helmut is indeed a girl, a fact that is well-known among students of Cavalry Division.

Background Edit

Helmut is heir to one of the largest feudal desmenes of Northern Baselland despite being born as a girl. Unlike other students, she was admitted "unfairly", under the typical pretext of special privileges for nobility. Still, she became a honor student in the Cavalry Division, which is considered a hotbed for nobles in countries like Baselland.

Appearance Edit

Helmut has short, blond haid and blue eyes. As a child, she used to have long hair and was dressed as a girl.

Personality Edit

She is most notable for her pride and the desire to become a great leader, in order to lead her demesne's regiment into battle. She is heavily influenced by preconceptions based on tradition, due to the fact that she comes from a noble family. However, she also has a strong loyalty toward her country, stating that if it means she can protect the citiens as well as Baselland, she is willing to become a "hated soldier". Her seriousness, while good for her performance in school, turns her into an object of bully for her peers, with them calling her "fraulein", or "virgin of the sabre", the nicknames Helmut hates.

Skills Edit

As a student of the Cavalry Division, Helmut is trained in the standard course at the time, possessing the following skills:

  • Horse riding: Helmut is especially good at horse riding. She is probably the best at this field in the Cavalry Division.
  • Sword fighting: As swords are the only weapon the cavalry uses, Helmut is probably trained in swordsmanship, though she has yet to demonstrate this skill.

Relationship Edit

Bernd Baltzar Edit

Baltzar is an instructor at Helmut's academy. Her first impression of him wasn't good, but as he slowly helps her overcome the preconceptions she has, though she still is very prideful, she has become to look at him in a better way. At the International Conference, she dances with Baltzar and asks him to stay on as an instructor in Baselland .

Jurgen von Breitner Edit

Jurgen is in the same year and division as Helmut, as well as one of her roommates in the dorm. Jurgen is seemingly the only friend she has in the division, always sticking up for her and helping her out, especially when she is teased by other students. He has feelings for Helmut which may not be mutual.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name, Helmut (which is a male name), is comprised of "helmet" and "courage, spirit".
  • Interestingly, there is a famous German football player named Markus Babbel, which is quite similar to Helmut's name.