Jurgen von Breitner
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Jurgen von Breitner
Vital statistics
Position Officer Cadet
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Jurgen Georg von Breitner is a 3rd year in Cavalry Division, Baselland Royal Military Academy.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about Jurgen's family. The "von" in his name, as well as the fact that he is in the Cavalry Division, both indicate that he is from nobility.

Appearance Edit

Jurgen's blond hair is in crew cut, and as commented by others, he has quite a scary look, due to his rough face and big body.

Personality Edit

As a member of nobility in Baselland, Jurgen is influenced by preconceptions base on traditions, believing in the pride of the cavalry, although he isn't as obsessed as Helmut and the other students. Most of the times he is a serious student, however he can be rather childish at times.

What sets Jurgen apart from the others is his charisma and his caring attitude towards others, namely Helmut. He is the only student in the Cavalry Division who doesn't tease Helmut, as well as the only one who stands up for her when she is bullied. He is also the one most affected by the sacrifices of Baselland soldiers.

Skills Edit

As a student in the Cavalry Division, Jurgen has the same skills as Helmut, although slightly inferior:

  • Horse riding: Jurgen is skilled in the arts of equestrian, being one of the best students in cavalry.
  • Sword fighting: Jurgen is quite decent in using his sword, though he lacks practical experience, especially on the battlefield.
  • Eloquence: Together with his charisma, this is Jurgen's most notable skill. He is capable of changing the mood of the entire cavalry division instantly, and he understands how to move people.

Relationship Edit

Bernd Baltzar Edit

After seeing Jurgen display his ability to move other students, Baltzar took an interest in him. Jurgen, on the other hand, has no specific impression about Baltzar.

Helmut Markus von Babbel Edit

Helmut and Jurgen are dormmates and close friends. Jurgen frequently stands up for Helmut and helps her out on several occasions.

Trivia Edit

  • His name, Jurgen, is a Low German form of Latin Georgius, meaning "earth-worker, farmer".