Maria Ludovica von Adorafestung is the Empress of Ezreich and the great aunt of Baselland's Princes.

Maria Ludovica von Adorafestung
Maria Ludovica
Vital statistics
Position Empress
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Background Edit

She is the great aunt of both princes of Baselland, although she seems to be born in Ezreich. Exactly how she is related to them is unknown.

Appearance Edit

The Empress appears as a charming and graceful senior lady, with her black, long hair always tied up in a bun.

Personality Edit

Unlike the friendliness and charm she exhibits, the Empress seems to be more calculating underneath, with the First Prince of Baselland admitting that he himself and the others are simply actors in her play. Baltzar also notices she is either tasteful or simply fancy, by hoding an important secret meeting in a greenhouse.

Skills Edit

The Empress has yet to show any skill, although she has enough eloquence to persuade Baltzar into her plans against his will.

Relationship Edit

Helena Christine Edit

She is the Empress' granddaughter, although she always looks scared of her grandmother. She is also very obedient to the Empress.

Franz Theodore Winklefeldt Edit

The Empress is his great aunt, although how they are related is still unknown. He doesn't show his fear of his great aunt clearly, but he is very dependent on her and understands that she may be using him as her pawn.

Ryner August Winklefeldt Edit

The Empress is his great aunt, although how they are related is still unknown. He has a sour relationship with both her and his brother, as he wants to build a firm relationship with Weißen against their wish.

Rudolph von Liebknecht Edit

The true nature of their relationship is unknown, however, Liebknecht appears to truly respect the Empress. She also seems to think highly of him.

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