Paul Breitner is a 2nd year in Artillery Division, Baselland Royal Military Academy.

Paul Breitner
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Paul Breitner
Vital statistics
Position Officer Cadet
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Background Edit

Paul comes from a normal family that runs a bakery. His family has eight members, including his grandfather, his parents, four siblings, both older and younger, and himself.

Appearance Edit

He has slightly long blond hair which is always in a ponytail. His emotions show easily on his face.

Personality Edit

Although he is enrolled in the Military Academy, Paul has no passion with the military career. He is neither ambitious nor brave, and easily chickens out whenever he is faced with a dangerous situation. He also has no problem with always placing second after Dieter, or with the privileges the Cavalry Division has, or even the fact that he and the rest of the Artillery Division was never allowed a shooting practice until Bernd Baltzar comes. He claims that his lifelong plan is to serve in the Military Academy for 3 years, then another 12 years in the army, and retire at 30, so that he can re-enter the government workforce as a civil servant, according to the policy of Baselland. He is also a pacifist, hoping that his country does not enter any war in the 15 years of his service. However, he does care about his friends, namely Dieter.

Skills Edit

Aside from the skills he learns from the Artillery Division course, he has yet to show any other abilities.

Relationship Edit

Bernd Baltzar Edit

Baltzar is an instructor in Paul's academy. While Paul doesn't really show any interest in Baltzar in the beginning, after Baltzar saves him from risking his life to avoid recruitment and even comments that Paul has the potential to become as good as Baltzar is, Paul seems to trust the instructor more.

Dieter Strunz Edit

Dieter is in the same year as Paul and a close friend as well. Paul cares about Dieter enough to go to war as a representative from Baselland when he hears from Baltzar that Dieter will have to go if Paul refuses to show up.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is exactly the same as Paul Breitner, a former German footballer, who is recognized as one of the greatest football players of all times.