Ryner August Winklefeldt
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Ryner August Winklefeldt
Vital statistics
Position Second Prince; Instructor
Age 27
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Ryner August Winklefeldt is the second prince of Baselland Royal Family, as well as an instructor in Baselland Royal Military Academy.

Background Edit

Prince August is the second son of the King of Baselland. In his childhood he respected and loved his older brother, but for some reasons, the relationship between the brothers had gone sour.

Appearance Edit

His blond hair is always combed back neatly, and his blue eyes are rarely seen relaxed. He has a certain dignified aura around him.

Personality Edit

Prince August is always serious and ambitious to develop a stronger army for his country, to the point that he uses his own inheritance and the national treasury to invest in the military. He is also short-tempered and easily taunted.

While he seems selfish and conceited, he does care about the lives of his soldiers as well as the future of his country.

Skills Edit

So far, Prince August has yet to show many skills:

  • Shooting: Despite not having much training, Prince August is able to handle the Weißen-made rifle well.

Relationship Edit

Franz Theodore Winklefeldt Edit

Crown Prince Theodore is Prince August's older brother. Although they used to have a good relationship in the past, they are now not only distant from each other, but also on opposing sides. While Crown Prince Theodore wants to stay away from Weißen, Prince August wants to rely on Weißen to strengthen Baselland's military. Thus, their rivalry is escalating. However, in the most recent chapters, the Crown Prince has expressed the desire to restore their former good relationship, although he knows his younger brother doesn't want to.

Maria Ludovica von Adorafestung Edit

Also known as the Great Aunt of Baselland Princes or the Empress of Republic of Ezreich. Although they are family, Prince August doesn't appear to be close to her.

Bernd Baltzar Edit

Prince August and Baltzar didn't start off well, with Baltzar criticizing the former's ways of instructing. However, as the story progresses, Prince August has come to recognize Baltzar's talents, and admitted that he needed Baltzar on his side. Baltzar, on the other hand, also wants to win the prince's favor for the benefits of Weißen.