Weißen (or Weissen) is the homeland of Bernd Baltzar. A highly militarized nation that has swiftly taken advantage of the industrail era and conquered many of its neighboring countries. This has made it the second largest country in the World of "Gunka no Baltzar" (second only to the Republic of Erzreich). Located to the north of the main continent, Weißen also has a route to sea to its north. Loyalty to Weißen is held as the most important virtue among all of Weißen military branches, and with the introduction of the Locomotive and rail transportation, it is a shining example of progress. The nation's "Coat of Arms" has a motto: Leben wie ein Schwert, which is German for "Live by the Sword".

However, eight years before the story begins, there was a military coup' de' tat (Weißen revolt), instigated by Rudolph von Liebknecht and attracted many young commissioned officers. This internal conflict had a profound effect on Weißen despite its intiall failure. Because the young officers who participated committed suicide they were viewed as heross. Public opinion and peaceful protests drove the Weißen National Assembly to push through the martyrs ideals and hand over complete control of the Military to the Kaiser of Weißen. Nationalism soared as the Weißen forces conquered all enemies who opposed them. This also caused a chain of events that made the country of Weißen embrace the change of modernism. The country ramped up its industrial capabilities and output, invested in new technologies, increased its wealth by modernizing the country's transportation with the railways and soon became the most envied and hated country in the North.

The reason is that the rest of the world in Gunka no Baltzar remains in an almost pre-Medieval state in terms of politics,military power, socially, and economically. They saw Weißen as a threat to their way of life and rejected new ideas. This was beneficial to Weißen, mainly because while other nations were still using musket firing lines of ages past, Weißen had developed bolt action rifles that fired 4 time the rate of a musket and were far superior in almost every aspect. Weißen military tactics were also crucial in this circumstance, for it would be pointless to line men up in a firing line where they would easily become targets. This is where the "Scatter" tactics come into play making the warfare of old obsolete.

Weißen's capital city Dölitz is also a sight to behold, for it is the center of commerce and beacon of progress for the country. Dölitz in also the place where Baltzar went to school and where he rooted out a coup' within the Military University.