Weißen Armed Forces are the military of Weißen. Utilizing the advantage of both technology and individual discipline, it has become one of the strongest military power in the continent.

Management Edit

The Forces are currently under the control of the Internal Administration and the Chief of Staff. Thanks to this, they are highly responsive, able to react to unexpected attacks and dangerous situations in a fast and effective way.

The current Chief of Staff is Holst von Stauffenberg.

Education and Training Edit

Unlike officers serving in Baselland, officers in Weißen Armed Forces go through three levels of education. Baltzar specified that the education for the Forces included 4 years of Preparatory Military school, 2 years of Military Academy, and 2 years of Military University.

Personnel Edit

Weißen Armed Forces employ both soldiers, non-commissioned and commissioned officers. The following are the known members of personnel in Weißen Armed Forces: