Yuri Heesen
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Yuri Heesen
Vital statistics
Position 2nd Lieutenant
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Yuri Heesen is a 3rd year in Weiβen's Military Academy, as well as a member of the Intelligence Corps sent by the Chief of Staff of Weiβen Armed Forces to keep an eye on Bernd Baltzar. He personally dislikes Baltzar, but declares that he will not let this fact affects his mission.

Background Edit

Yuri had an older brother who presumably attended the Military University of Weiβen at the same time with Baltzar and Liebknecht. Yuri's brother was friends with these two, and was convinced by Liebknecht to join the coup d'e tat to free the military from the National Assembly's control. When the rebels were being surrounded, due to Baltzar's tip off, Yuri's brother committed suicide along with everyone else in the coup d'e tat. Yuri blames Baltzar for his brother's death and believes that Baltzar is not to be trusted.

Appearance Edit

Yuri has black, short hair. There is rarely any change in his facial expressions.

Personality Edit

Yuri is a man of few words and appears distant to his counterparts from Baselland and from Baltzar. He is calm and collected, and is rarely seen losing his composure even on the battlefield.

Skills Edit

As a student from Weiβen Military Academy, Yuri probably has the same skills as a standard soldier:

  • Shooting
  • Combat fighting: Yuri appears to be skilled in combat.
  • Intellect: It is shown that Yuri is efficient in gathering information or scouting.

Relationship Edit

Bernd Baltzar Edit

Yuri and Dimo were ordered to spy on Baltzar.

Dimo Baumann Edit

Dimo is in the same year with Yuri and appears to be the latter's close friend. Dimo knows about Yuri's brother and the fact that Yuri resents Baltzar.

Trivia Edit

  • His name may be a misspelling, because Yuri is a Russian name, meaning "farmer".
  • Yuri shares his last name with Thomas von Heesen, a German football player.